Flexible Denture

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Flexible dentures

are becoming more popular these days comfort and visual appeal takes priority over the cost of dentures.

If you are a denture wearer you know that the hard acrylic liner that holds the teeth in place can be an agonizing structure (especially with metal clasps/metal framework), and you may have experienced dentures problems.

The form of the mouth is always changing thus making it difficult to keep normal dentures in place comfortably. This is particularly true of the lower denture.

Not only is the mouth always changing, the jawbone and the gums are continually shrinking as we grow older. This too makes it more difficult to hold the dentures in place and to chew food properly.

Most denture wearers end up using some form of adhesive to keep the denture in place. Yet, there are some denture wearers that have no problems with their dentures at all.

The problem of the hard acrylic dentures is now over since new technology has brought us soft dentures.

Flexible dentures fit well and allow the wearer to eat the hardest and roughest type of food such as: nuts, apples, etc.

The soft fit flexible dentures are much like the traditional acrylic denture except that it has a flexible coating. This flexible coating is called a “liner” and acts as a shock absorbent between the hard base and your gums. Because the liner is non porous it does not allow bacteria to build up in the denture.

You will find flexible partial dentures offered at dental surgeries, and you may frequently hear the name of Valplast dentures mentioned. Valplast are said to have been around for over 50 years now.


Flexible Dentures Prices

Flexible dentures prices may be a bit higher than other types of dentures, but you are paying that little bit extra to gain extra comfort among other things.

The flexible dentures cost may not be the same as that of really cheap dentures, but one of the many advantages is that you won’t have to wait long for the denture. When you go in for your trial fitting it could be your final fitting which means that it takes less time to make the denture is than making the acrylic denture.

Another plus for flexible false teeth is the fact that they are durable and almost unbreakable. If you drop a flexible denture while cleaning it, the denture will not break. The flexible denture may be a bit more expensive than the traditional denture but they are stronger and last much longer. Although the flexible denture is not recommended for all patients it is worth your while to talk to your dentist about them. If you are a candidate for the flexible full dentures or dental partials, you will not have the pain and agony that many wearers of the hard acrylic dentures have.

If what we told you so far is not enough to send you running to your dentist for a set of flexible dentures than we’ll tell you more. If you are now wearing an acrylic denture you know how much time and trouble you had fitting the denture. First there was the wax form then the denture and then the many fittings to make it set right and not cause any pain.

With flexible dentures that first trial run might be the final run and you can walk out wearing your new denture.

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