Self-ligating Braces dentist in Makati

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Self-ligating braces is best for people who are base abroad because it is a self-correcting type of braces, even with very few dentist visits.

Self ligating brackets have an inbuilt metal labial face, which can be opened and closed. Brackets of this type have existed for a surprisingly long time in orthodontics— the Russell Lock edgewise attachment being described by Stolzenberg in 1935. Many designs have been patented, although only a minority have become commercially available. Self ligating braces are defined as “a [dental] brace, which utilizes a permanently installed, moveable component to entrap the archwire”. Self ligating braces may be classified into two categories: Passive and Active.

These braces are typically made from stainless steel but, in some cases, are available in ceramic.

The concept that brackets are ligated via tie-wings is so prevalent that it is worthwhile considering a list of ideal properties of any ligation system. This exercise puts in perspective any assessment of the benefits and difficulties with current self ligating systems. Ligation should:

be secure and robust;

ensure full bracket engagement of the archwire;

exhibit low friction between bracket and archwire;

be quick and easy to use;

permit high friction when desired;

permit easy attachment of elastic chain;

assist good oral hygiene;

be comfortable for the patient.

It is instructive to consider the performance of conventional wire and elastomeric ligatures in relation to these requirements

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